Best Books for Personality Development  

Books for Personality Development

Personality Development is about building your capacities, enhancing your skills, working on your weaknesses, and making your strengths. Everyone has some skills, but we need a personality to show those skills properly.

This article will talk about personality development, how we can change our personality, and many books that are best for personality development. Books can play a crucial role in developing a personality. It helps you gain self-confidence, and you can express yourself adequately with more vocabulary and fluency.

1. Atomic Habits -An easy and proven way to build good habits and break the bad ones

By James clear

Atomic habit - Books for Personality Development

Atomic Habit was written by James Clear and published in 2018. It tells about the habit. An atomic habit is a regular practice or a type of routine that is easy and small to do and the source of incredible power.

Bad Habits are repeated repeatedly not only because we do not want to change but also because we try to change them in the wrong ways.

Sometimes habits look small and unimportant for us, but when we change, then we can see significant results. Some tiny habits have some power, and consistency will lead to success.  

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2. You are a badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life

By Jen Sincero

you are a badass - Books for Personality Development-min

The book was written by Jen Sincero and published in 2013. It is not about being a badass; it is about finding the badass inside you how to be happier and achieve goals and manage the sorted life. 

Most people live in an illusion, and it is based on someone else beliefs. The author gave an example like your parents get a divorce so maybe you will not believe in love because of your past experiences the marriage of your father and mother does not work it does not mean that love is not good, but you will start believing in it.

3. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

By Eckhart Tolle

the power of now - Books for Personality Development-min

The Power of Now was written by Eckhart Tolle and published in 1997. This book is all about a spiritual help guide that helps us realize our pain and helps in finding inner peace. We should be aware of our actual Being and be deeply connected with our Being.

The author said a mind is a powerful tool, but we do not use it properly. Our mind controls us with a false sense of identity. We should hold our minds.

The ego is not our true self. It exists because of our past experiences, and we think this type of self-realization author talked about in this book.

4. The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

the power of habit - Books for Personality Development-min

The Power of Habit was written by Charles Duhigg and published in 2012. As by the name, we can say it is all about habits. Habit is a general routine that we follow in daily life. Good habits make a good impact on our life.

Good habits show how some companies get success quickly and try to work hard but still do not get as much as they want.

The author talked about changing the habits and how to change the habits in this book. And he also talks about how neuroscience work in the mind when we have some habits.

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5. Man’s Search For Meaning 

By Victor Frankl 

men's searching for meaning - Books for Personality Development-min

It was written by Victor Frankl and published in 1946. In this book, the author told about his horrifying experiences as a holocaust survivor in Nazi camps with his psychological approach of logotherapy, which also helps him survive and shows how you can find meaning in your life.

According to the author, the book is not only about learning and reading something new, but it is also about respect. We should respect those who lived life and give us how to live life.

Some of his lessons from the book

  • The only way to survive is to surrender to death.
  • Everyone’s life has its meaning, and you have to find it.
  • You can use paradoxical intention to make your fears go away.
  • Try to force the fear to make it true so that it will go away.

6. Who Moved My Cheese? 

By Spencer Johnson

Books for Personality Development-min

Who Moved My Cheese? was written by Spencer Johnson and published in 1998. This story tells about a group of classmates who meets for a reunion. They talk about their lives in the book and how they have dealt with problems in their home and work. From the group, one member, Michael, describes how their company almost floundered before they heard the story that changed the attitude of his working style and helped to take forward the company around. He told the story to the group:

Some years back, two mice and two tiny people lived together in the giant Maze where they searched for cheese. The mice, Sniff and Scurry, find a big stash of their favorite cheese; nearby, the “Little people,” Hem and Haw, also locate plenty of “Cheese,” this is just some line of the story for the full story you can read the book.

7. Think like a Monk

By Robin Sharma

think like a monk - Books for Personality Development-min

It was written by Jay Shetty and published in 2020. It is a book based on changing the author’s mindset. We have to think like a monk. Think like a monk shows you your full potential and the attitude to develop your personality.

The author tells about the ways to think like a monk and tells how he inspires to think like a monk; he said he met for the first time in college to the monk. Then he decided to take the classes of a monk.

The author tells you about some of the higher values and lessons he learned during his life, like 80% of us will see the phone just after waking up without seeing who is sleeping beside us. We should see the first thing which inspires us and help us to do some excellent work today.

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