Brief Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain’s Classic

This is one of the best books on Huckleberry which is written by Mark Twin and was published in 1884. Mark Twain is an outstanding author who has written many American classics like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Pudd’nhead Wilson, and much more.

Favorite Quote from Mark Twain:

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

― Mark Twain

The summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn starts with the story of a boy named Huckleberry Finn. He was an orphan boy living with a widow Douglas and her sister in St. Petersburg, Missouri.

brief summary of the adventures of huckleberry finn

Huck was unhappy with his life because of the strict rules of school and church, like staying in manners, always being clean, and many other rules. He always tries to escape the strict rules, but he lives his life despite these problems.

His life becomes hell when his drunken and abusive father, Pap, comes into play. One day suddenly, his father comes and demands the custody of his son Huckleberry. His father believes that education is just a waste of time.

He does not want his son to get an education and is also a racist. Pap wants legal custody from the court, and when he fails, he kidnaps the Huckleberry and tries to control him; he wants to leave his school and make a drunken man like him. Huckleberry locked him in a room and also beat and abused him.

One day, Huckleberry runs away from his father and makes a fake death scenario. He took the blood of a big and spread it in the room so his father would think that the Huckleberry blood is spread here and there, so he tries to make fake death of his own and then runs away from his father and lives along the Mississippi river with a slave who name is Jim, and this novel tells about the Adventures of Huck and Jim and the social, religious dialects and humor.

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn summary is divided into chapters:

Actually, we have chapter-wise presented this brief summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 1: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter (1)

In this Chapter, the author tells about him and his friend Tom Sawyer. Huck tells about the Adventures of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, which is a prequel to this novel. This Chapter of the story starts with Widow Douglas and her sister.

The widow lady wants to civilize Huckleberry by educating him and by teaching him about manners and religion. But Huckleberry was not interested in all this education. He wants to escape from all of these things. When he was living with Douglas, Huck had a friend named Tom Sawyer, his criminal partner. Tom is the person who convinces Huck to join the group of robbers and murderers.

This group influences both of them because in the town, everyone fears the group members, and they can help Huck escape from the life of manners and cleanliness. Everything is going on, but Huck’s father, Pap, suddenly comes, and they want legal custody of his son.

At the end of this Chapter, Huck is thinking about his future with his dad and about escaping from the life of cleanliness.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 2: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter (2)

At the start of this Chapter, Huck finds that he is living with his abusive and drunken father. His father gets angry whenever they find that Huck is going to school. He believes that education is just a waste of time and money, and they take the money from Huck and spend it on alcohol and constantly complain about the government that they are taking all our rights.

He spends all his time drinking alcohol and ranting about the government. He always threatens Huck and locks him in a room. Huck is afraid of Pap. He was planning to escape from the room. One day he makes the scenario of his fake death; he takes the blood of a pig, spreads it in the room, and runs away. He wants everyone to believe that he is dead. He ran away to the Mississippi River, where he met Jim.

Jim was a slave by birth. His parents sold them before birth. In the beginning, Jim is afraid of Huck, but then he realizes Huck is not the type of guy he was thinking of. Then they become friends. Jim asked for help for the freedom of the North from Huck.

Huck is not convinced to help Jim because he believes that helping a slave who escapes is a crime. He grew up in a society where these beliefs are there, and he was also uneducated because of friendship. Huck agrees to help Jim. Huck then starts questioning society despite following society blindly.

While living along the Mississippi River, they found many difficulties finding food and shelter. During the journey, they encounter a group of robbers; then, they narrowly escape being caught by the steamboat. In this novel, Jim represents the slave’s situation in the civil war era.

In this Chapter, we see that Huck’s fighting with his own beliefs, getting mature, and getting moral independence and ready to help Jim. Jim represents the struggle for freedom and justice central to the Civil War.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 3: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter (3)

This Chapter starts with the journey of Huck and Jim along the Mississippi River. During the journey, they find a steamboat which was sinking. They get into the boat and find that the robbers are already there and they are planning to loot the ship.

Huck and Jim are hiding their shadows from the robbers and watching all the drama of the robbers. Then the robbers were also fighting over dividing the loot. Huck and Jim take advantage of the fight; they steal the boat and escape before the robbers catch them.

Throughout the journey, they find many challenges and difficulties. They did not have food, so they ate berries and other plants. While eating the plants, they found a group of hunters who thought they were slaves, and the hunters threatened them to return to the authorities.

Huck also finds difficulty in being loyal to Jim because of his own beliefs because he is living in a society where escaping slavery is not acceptable and being a slave is normal. He is fighting with society’s beliefs and a belief towards his friend Jim.

The author tells everything in the novel and talks about the importance of family in life. The author also talks about the river, which defines independence. Still, it is unpredictable also, like the sea waves.

During the journey in the river, they meet with various characters; they meet with the con men claiming that they are a duke and a dolphin. However, Huck and Jim catch them very easily because they are telling lies.

They are frauds, and they also encounter a family who was affected by the civil war, and they are struggling to survive Huck and Jim help them by providing this story to tell us about the situation of the civil war. During all these incidents, Huck always asks himself about the beliefs and norms in society, and he becomes determined to help Jim escape to freedom.

This Chapter ends when their boat is hit by a big steamboat. They decide to be separate and collect the information about which type of people lives in this society and all the necessary information. Huck wears a girl’s dress to avoid being caught, and then they observe the townspeople.

This Chapter introduces several interesting characters and describes their challenges on the Mississippi River journey. This Chapter also discusses the struggle for freedom and independence, the importance of family and community, and the conflict between societal thinking and personal opinion.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 4: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter (4)

At the start of this Chapter, Huck continues his journey as a girl. He enters a town and finds that news is spreading everywhere that one slave has been spotted in this town. Huck knows that everyone is talking about Jim.

Then he starts worrying about Jim and feeling guilty for being separated from each other. Later on, Huck finds a woman whose name is Mrs. Judith Loftus. She was very intelligent at the first meeting. She understands that Huck is hiding something, but they never say this to Huck.

Huck tells Mrs. Loftus that his name is Sarah Williams, and he lives in Cookeville. But Mrs. Loftus knows he is hiding something, so they ask deep questions about his life. Huck’s unable to answer, then he reveals the truth that he is running away from his father, who is abusive and alcoholic, and tells her that he has been traveling with his abusive father, who died because of smallpox.

Mrs. Loftus is kind, so he offers Huck that he can live in her house and she will take care of him. But Huck rejected that offer and chose the journey he wanted to continue down the river.

Mrs. Loftus tells him about the runaway slave and how everyone tries to find him. She also tells if anyone finds the slave, they will get a reward. So everyone in the town wants to find the slave and return to the owner for the reward.

After listening to Mrs. Loftus, Huck worries about Jim and decides to inform him about the scenario of the town. Huck now returns to the river and tries to find Jim. Jim is hiding on an island. Huck meets Jim and tells him all the scenarios of the town, like the reward and how badly everyone wants to find him.

Huck tells Jim to be more careful, and Jim is thankful to Huck, and Huck is showing the meaning of true friendship.

In this summary of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the interaction between Mrs. Loftus and Huck is significant because it shows the deception in the novel. Huck was hiding his original identity to protect Jim and himself. But Mrs. Loftus is intelligent enough to find that Huck is trying to make her a fool.

The deception and hiding of identity will often come in this novel because Huck also plays many other characters. These many characters help Huck to observe different perspectives of the people in the world.

This Chapter also covers true friendship and loyalty. Huck’s loyalty gets tested when he finds Jim in danger, so he decides to warn and help him. This bond between Huck and Jim shows true friendship in the novel.

Racism is also covered in this Chapter; the effort of the town’s people to find Jim shows society’s thinking about slavery. Overall this Chapter covers new themes and characters and major topics like true friendship, loyalty, identity, and the journey of the Mississippi River.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 5 & 6: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 5 & 6

Huck and Jim continue their journey down the river. During the journey, they encounter a sinking boat and save the two men. One of them was drunk, and the other one, whose name was Buck Grangerford. He lives in the mansion with his family.

Huck and Jim were invited by the Grangerford to live with his family. When they reach, they are welcomed with open arms. Huck is impressed by the lifestyle of the family. He enjoyed it when he was living with civilized people. But soon, they realize that Grangerford has an enemy, the other family named shepherd sons. And this fight is coming from generations.

During a meeting, both families get into a fight, and Buck is killed in a gunfight, and Huck is a witness to that murder. Then they realize how cruel the world is. Everyone has a problem in his or her own way.

In this Chapter, we learn about the consequences of violence, hypocrisy, and the destructive power of a human.

After the Violence, Huck decides to leave the Grangerford mansion. Then they go down the river with a raft and leave the violence of the civilized world. Then they find a group of robbers planning to loot a steamboat passing by Huck’s raft, so Huck and Jim plan to warn them.

They saw on the steamboat that they were actors playing the role of king and queen. They looked nice, but soon Huck realized they were dishonest and not good, so the author realized don’t judge a book by its cover.

In this Chapter, we saw the appearance vs reality and the Adventures of Huck and Jim along the journey.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 7 & 8: 

Summary of the Adventure of Huckleberry Finn chapter 7 & 8

During the journey on the Mississippi River, they saw a steamboat that was damaged and not in good condition, so they checked and they decided to check it once; then they found a young boy who said his family was in a problem so Huck and Jim decide to help them.

The young boy’s family lives in a houseboat. When they reach the houseboat, they hear the sound of the gunshot and realize that his father has been killed; they witness the violence again. He tries to comfort the family members, but they are very sad.

In chapter 8, they come across a small town and decide to explore it. They find one woman who mistakes him for Tom Sawyer. Then Huck goes to the home of that lady. The lady is the sister of Tom’s Aunt, but soon she finds them suspicious when Huck does not know the real name of Tom Sawyer. Huck decides to leave that house and goes to the raft, but Huck feels guilty for fooling the woman.

In this Chapter, the author talked about the deception and violence of the world around them. The Chapter also tells about appearance vs reality, and they introduce the new adventure. And how Huck plays the new characters.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 9 & 10: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 9 & 10

During the Journey of Huck and Jim along the Mississippi River. Huck and Jim find a group of robbers along the steamboat, and Huck thinks they are planning to rob a steamboat, so Huck and Jim try to fail the robbers’ plan. But they are planning to murder some of the people on the steamboat. But Huck warns the people along the boat. When the robbers are in on their plan so they escape.

In the other Chapter Huck and Jim are traveling, and in the night, the fog comes, and they get separated. Huck manages to find the skiff and look for Jim and then finds the robbers and sees that Jim has been kidnapped by the robbers and they plan to sell him as a slave. Huck tries to realize Jim, and he has succeeded in it. Still, he is in little confused because In society, helping a slave is not acceptable, but Jim was also a friend of Huck. So he chooses to help Jim and decides he will face the consequences of breaking the law.

In both chapters, Huck faces a moral dilemma because of some situations. But they make their friendship stronger. The author highlights the deception and criminality in society.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 11 to 16: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 11 to 16

Throughout the journey, they had many Adventures. They decide to board a steamboat; then they find a steamboat also, but it is full of thieves and murderers. In that steamboat, a man was there who knew Jim. He knows that Jim is a runaway slave and there is a reward for him.

But Huck and Jim manage to escape from those people. They are facing so many problems, some are natural problems like the weather, and some are people who want to commit crimes for their benefit.

In other chapters, Huck and Jim find a large house owned by a woman named Mrs. Judith Loftus. He decides to behave like a girl and goes to the town to find out what is happening; then, they find that everyone is trying to find Jim, and Jim is still in a dangerous situation.

For the reward, everyone wants to catch the slave. Huck finds that Mrs. Loftus is very kind and friendly in nature, and the author learns about kindness in this cruel world.

In these chapters, they get to know about kindness and empathy. The author finds that in the world of cruel people, kindness and empathy are still alive. Huck and Jim’s bond are getting stronger daily. After getting the information that everyone is trying to capture Jim, they are more careful about the next phase of the journey.

In these chapters, Huck talked about the artist and who was the Duke and the King. Huck becomes uncomfortable with their behavior because the artist impersonates the long-lost brothers of a wealthy family and tries to scam them.

The King and the Duke were doing the wrong things, but still, Huck hesitated in speaking against them because they were too dangerous. Huck plans to expose the Duo and helps the family; he dresses up like a girl to hide his identity and gather the information.

In the next Chapter, Huck’s plans are not working because the King and the Duke tell everyone about their original identity and tell them about their intentions. The family realizes that they are fooling them. So after the plan gets exposed, Huck and Jim quickly escape.

This Chapter tells about Huck’s moral development. Huck is uncomfortable with the Duke and the King, and he finds that they are frauds and trying to fool the family, but he also has some fear because they are dangerous. Huck makes a plan to show his intelligence and intention to help others.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 17 & 18: 

Summery of the Adventure of Huckleberry Finn chapter 17 & 18

Once Huck finds a log house Granger Ford owns. Huck tries to go into the house, but the house owner thinks he can be a member of their enemy’s family, so then Huck tries to convince them that he is not the family member of the Shepherdson family. Huck tells them his name is George Jackson, and he fell from a steamboat. The owner has a son whose name is Buck.

They are the same age as Huck, so they become friends. When they were hunting, Buck missed his shot. After that, conflict occurs in both families killed by each other, and Huck runs away after seeing the violence. He is mentally disturbed and continues the journey with Jim on the raft.

In these chapters, we saw the greatness of the people and how they treated and welcomed the new people like Huck, welcomed by the Granger Ford. The extreme level of violence is also shown in this Chapter. And the fun fact is they do not even know the reason for fighting, and because of this foolishness, they kill each other, and Huck and Jim continue the journey.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 19 & 20: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 19 & 20

After some days in the journey, Huck and Jim are hungry, and their food is finished, so they decide to eat the berries. Then they find the two men. One man was around 70 years old, and the young one was 30 years old.

They join Huck and Jim on the raft, and suddenly the younger one starts crying and says he is a Duke of Bridgewater and must be treated with respect. Huck finds that they are liars. But to maintain peace Huck was silent. After that, the king made a handmade bill in which Jim was a slave.

In this Chapter, the author talked about the deception of a person who is behaving nicely does not mean that he is nice; the man should understand the person’s intention, as in the story, the two men intended to catch Jim. He knows that Jim is a slave, and they want to capture Jim for the reward.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 21 to 23: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 21 to 23

In these chapters, the Duke and the King are trying to make a new scam. They go into a town to show their knowledge of Shakespeare. The town they visit is full of mud, loafers, and spitting on the streets. In the town, there was a man whose name was Boggs.

He was harmless, and he wanted to kill a person whose name was Colonel Sherburn. Boggs was a headache for everyone. One day, Boggs also talked extra to Sherburn after the warning, so Sherburn killed him with the pistol.

After the failure of the Shakespeare show, they decide to make a show where no men and women are allowed. But in this, also they were scammed during the show when the king was standing on the stage with some colours on his body.

So after the failure of the show, the townsmen throw rotten vegetables. After that, the Duke and Huck leave the town and join Jim.

In this Chapter, we saw the cruelty of humans. They are cruel to the animals and the other human-like we were to the Boggs. According to the author, this world is full of cruel people, and no one is immune to corruption and hatred. And greed for money makes people so greedy that they are even ready to make fools of people if they sell false information as they did in the show.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 24: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 24

During the Journey, Huck is worried about Jim and what would happen if someone found Jim’s real identity, so the Duke paints Jim’s face with a blue colour so they can navigate the river. Now the two men decide to get the information about the nearest local town; they find the information with a talkative boy; they meet with the talkative boy and ask about the local people then discover a local man named Peter Wilks.

Peter Wilks had just died, and all his wealth went to his English brothers. After taking all the details, they decide to do a scam; they decide to become the two brothers of Peter Wilks. When they enter the town, they start crying. Huck was also shocked after listening to this cruel scam.

In this Chapter, the two men play with the people’s faith, and in greed, they make their fake identity and try to take all the wealth of Peter Wilks. From this event, Huck deeply thought about how the people are trying to make fools of other people just for money. Without the scam, they are struggling even for their survival. But apart from this scam in the story, there was so much humour and pranks, which will create interest in the novel.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 25 & 26: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 25 & 26

The King and the Duke continue their story in this chapter. They are making a drama and saying that they are the brothers of Peter Wilks, and in this scam, they convinced almost all townspeople and family members. They are crying with the Wilkn’s daughters to make them believe they are real.

The king of the town gave a speech with sorrow that Peter was a perfect human being. As he died according to his wish, his wealth ( $6000 in gold ) would be divided among his daughters and brothers. The king and the Duke are pleased after listening to this news.

When the wealth is divided to make the trust, they offer their wealth to their nieces, but there is a doctor who laughs and tells them they are both frauds. The nieces also showed kindness and gave their wealth to prove their faith in their uncles. Huck knows all the truth, and he also knows about the hiding place of wealth. Huck took the wealth and waited for the right owner.

In this Chapter, Huck sees the cleverness of Huck and the Duke, and they also know they are both very dangerous. This is one of the biggest scams of the Duke and the King. They capture the gold $6000 and make fools of the whole town and the family. Still, Huck was confused about what he should do to help the gold owners or just be silent, but Huck chooses honesty, and they decide to give all the wealth to the daughters.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 27 & 28: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 27 & 28

The story continues here. Huck has a bag of gold, and he is hiding the bag. Suddenly he hears the sound of Mary Jane then he hides the bag of coins in Peter Wliks’s coffin. In the house, so many people are present, so Huck does not have the opportunity to take the money.

After finishing the funeral process, the king decided to sell a slave family after breaking them. Huck wants to tell the story to Mary Jain, but he asks for a promise that she will not do any action. Huck tells the whole story about the king and the Duke scam.

Mary Jain honours her promise, and then Huck tells them about the bag of gold. But a bigger confusion occurs when another two men claim that they are Harvey and William.

In this Chapter, Huck learns about the life of the slave family and the thinking about the humanity of the slaves. They are just breaking up without their permission after knowing that maybe the mother and the children will never meet again in their whole life.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 29 & 30: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 29 & 30

The story continues here as the two new men come into the town and claim that they are the real brothers of Peter Wilks. The older two new men say he is Harvey and claims that he can prove it, so the king laughs and tells the crowd that it will not be surprising if they will claim to be real because the king knows they are the real ones.

So they argue about the tattoo on Peter Wilks’s chest, so everyone is getting interested and wants to know who the real one is. So, when they opened the coffin, they saw a bag full of gold. Huck gets excited and runs away from there. Jim and Huck start their journey but then realize that the King and the Duke escape from there and are not free from them.

In this Chapter, we see the honesty of Huck after knowing that maybe his friend Jim will get into problems if he tells the truth and still chooses the path of honesty. The king and The Duke are very big frauds. Huck thought they weree free from the King and the Duke, but they were noe; the Duke and the king returned planning for the following villages.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 31: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 31

This is one the most critical chapters in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn summary; the journey continues, and Huck and Jim realize that the two men are planning a new scam. They are very far from home now.

Huck gets a chance to escape, but suddenly he is making a handmade bill of $40, and this bill is for Jim. They are going to sell Jim as a slave. Huck is confused about whether to go against society or prove his friendship. He decides to face the social norms and make a plan to back out Jim from slavery.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 32 & 33: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 32 & 33

Huck is determined to help Jim, so after finding Jim’s location, he returns to Phelps farm. He reached one home where there were many barking dogs. Suddenly the door opened, and a slave woman was running toward Huck.

He thinks Tom Sawyer will come, and Huck also needs to clear the misunderstanding. The name of the woman was Aunt Sally. After the meeting, Huck returns to the river and finds the real Tom. Huck found Tom, and he told the story to Tom about Huck. Tom gets ready to help Huck.

They go to the town where Jim was and know The King and The Duke are coming for the show.

In this Chapter, Huck is proving his friendship, but he knows he cannot do things alone, so he takes help from Tom.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 34 & 35: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 34 & 35

Tom and Huck are ready to free Jim. They make a foolproof plan of making Jim free. They know that Jim is locked in a small cabin. In the plan, they thought they would steal the keys, unlock the room, and free Jim. After analyzing, they plan to tear off one side of the cabin and take Jim out.

In making the plan, they took a couple of weeks. Jim got the food through a slave, so when the slave was coming, they came in along with him. And tell Jim that they are making a plan and soon he will get free.

In these chapters, the cleverness of Huck and Tom is shown how they plan to escape Jim. They are tense because of Jim, but at the same time, the humour is also there in the novel, and they are making mistakes in making the plan and trying to make a plan Huck read in the novel.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 36 & 38: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 36 & 38

The hard work for Jim’s escape continues. They are making new plans. They decide to make a tunnel under the room where Jim is locked, but soon they realize they require advanced tools. They decide to use the axe.

The next day, they started bringing the tools from Aunt Sally’s house. She does not know about this escape. After a lot of hard work, they tear one of the sheets and give instructions to Jim. Jim climbs up, and then they escape.

In these chapters, they show the struggle of Huck and Tom to escape Jim. They told the importance of Tom in this escape. Huck asks for help from Jim because he knows about social norms and is educated. Because of this, they feel he should know the best way to escape.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 39 & 40: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 39 & 40

Huck and Tom talk about the struggle for escape. Tom and Huck capture the rats for putting them into Jim’s room. But mistakenly, the Phelps boys found the box, and all the rats got free in the room. Huck and Tom find many rats, spiders, and snakes and put them in Jim’s cabin.

Jim was sad and said he would never go to that cabin in his whole life. After three weeks of struggle, Jim was ready to escape. But when they were escaping, Phelps gathered around 15 men, and they went to the cabin. Huck warns Tom that he escapes fast from the cabin. When they were running towards the raft, Tom was shot by the men. Tom tells them to shove off, but Jim is not leaving.

The author talks about the team in these chapters and how they escape even after getting injured. Tom was just focussing on the goal to escape Jim, but Jim was showing the greatness of the friendship and did not leave Jim.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 41 & 42: 

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 41 & 42

As we have seen in the last Chapter, Tom was shot by the men, and Jim chose to help Tom instead of running towards the raft. Huck quickly calls a doctor and tells them his brother shoots in dreams. Huck was tired, and he went to sleep.

When he wakes up, he runs towards the Phelps farm, where everyone talks about the strange cabin. The farmers were saying that some slaves helped Jim. Jim was standing with his hand tied. Tom rises from the bed, demands Jim, and tells everyone how Jim helped him instead of running.

Ultimately, Tom and Huck are also forced to reveal their true identities.

In these chapters, the author talks about honesty and kindness of Jim. Jim chose to help his friend who was injured, but Jim was captured by the men. But this shows slaves also have the same heart which humans have.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 43

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn chapter 43

 Huck and Tom are continuing the journey down the Mississippi River. In the end, Huck writes about Tom and says he is alright. Aunt Sally wants to adopt and civilize Huck, but Huck denies it. He could also return to his home, but they choose something else. The author discusses the difficulty of writing and completing Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 

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