The Sun Also Rises Summary By Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises is one of the super-famous works by Ernest Hemingway. The book is related to war, and there are many movie adaptations. We have written the complete summary of The Sun Also Rises book in this article. 

Anyway, the book has written between 1925 to 1926, and it was published in 1926. So without further ado, let’s get into the summary. 

The Sun Also Rises Summary By Ernest Hemingway

Summary of The Sun Also Rises 

The story has many characters and scenes. That’s why we have added sub-heading in the paragraphs so that you guys can understand more easily. 

American Veteran Soldier 

The narrator of this story is Jake Barnes, an American veteran soldier of World War I. In this story, he first tells about his friend Robert Cohn, an American who lives in Paris. Robert is from a wealthy jew family and hasn’t taken part in world war I. Right now, he is a jew writer, and recently he has published a novel, and he was also a middle-weight boxing champion in his college. 

He lives with a woman, Frances Clyne, and she only lives with him for his money. Day by day, she is getting aged, and she wants to marry Robert as soon as possible. While Robert Cohn was reading a romantic-traveling book and after reading the book, he thought that why am I wasting my time here. And went to Jake and asked him to be on a trip to south-America with him, but Jake refused it. 

They Still Love Each Other 

When Jake and Robert went out that night, they met with Lady Bratt Ashley. She is an independent lady and wife of an English lord, and she has worked as a volunteer in World War. So Jake already knows her because she had helped him during the World War when Jake was injured. Jake was severely injured in the battle, so he needed treatment and was treated by Lady Bratt, and during the treatment, both of them fell in love with each other. 

Lady Bratt tells Jake that she still loves her, and even Jake loves her too, but they are not clearly saying that they love each other. Also, When Jake got injured during World War, he became impotent, and the problem is Lady Bratt can’t live with a weak man because she can’t leave sex. Jake and Lady Bratt planned to meet next afternoon.

Love Triangle 

The next day, when Jake and Robert were having lunch, Jake told him about Lady Bratt and how much he loves him while Jake was telling Robert about Lady Bratt. Robert also gets a crush on Lady Bratt, but Jake says that Lady Bratt is soon going to be married again to a Scottish man. 

Lady Bratt is the kind of woman who has many affairs. When she meets with Jake, she tells him that she is going to San Sebastian beach in Spain. Meanwhile, Robert was also not in Paris. 

Now that Jack is left alone, an army friend named Bill Gorton comes to meet him. They both plan to go fishing in Spain and then go to Pamplona to watch bullfighting. So they have planned everything, but on the same day, Jake meets Bratt, she comes back from San Sebastian, and she is with her fiance Mike. Now, Mike and Lady Bratt also wanted to go with them, and Jake agreed. Lady Bratt privately asks Jake if Robert is also coming, and she tells that she went with Robert to the San Sebastian beach. 

Trip to Spain 

Now, Jake and Bill meet With Robert in France, and they three leave for Pamplona. On the other hand, Lady Bratt and her Fiance Mike were coming, but Lady Bratt fell sick, and they got stuck while traveling. Robert tells Jake and Mike that you both go. I wait for Lady Bratt and Mike. So Jake and Bill go to Spain to do their fishing. They enjoy playing cards, drinking, and do fishing for five days. 

They remember that Lady Bratt, Mike, and Robert are coming to Pamplona on the fifth day. So they immediately leave for Pamplona to meet them. They all meet in Pamplona and stay at Montoya’s hotel. Montoya likes bullfighting a lot, and even Jake also likes bullfighting. 

Now they all meet and go to see bullfighting, but Lady Bratt’s fiance didn’t like Robert because he was following his fiance everywhere. Mike keeps taunting Robert all the time.

Another Crush

On the first day of bullfighting, there was a 19-years-old boy who was a bullfighter, and his name was Pedro Romero. He was looking different, and his fighting was also way different from others. While watching Romero’s bullfighting, Lady Bratt got a crush on him. Lady Bratt wanted Jake to introduce her to Pedro Romero. But Montoya disagreed with that because he thought this lady could corrupt that boy. 

On the other hand, Robert was being taunted by Mike, and they were just about to fight, but Jake stopped them. That night, Jake introduces Brett and Romero at the behest of Lady Bratt, and they both go out to spend some time. 

The next day, Jake, Mike, and Bill were together, and Mike and Bill were drunk. Robert comes in to ask where Lady Bratt is. These people quarrel with each other, and Robert beats Jake and Mike and leaves from there. Jake walks into Robert’s room and sees him crying alone. Robert asks to forgive him and says I am leaving. 

Jake in San Sebastian

The following day, something goes wrong between Robert and Romero, and Romero punches Robert. Jake got to know that Lady Bratt went somewhere with Pedro Romero the next night. After this, Robert had already gone, and Jake, Bill, and Mike also left for their home. 

Jake decided that he won’t go home. Instead, he went to San Sebastian and had rest for some time, and he got a telegram from Lady Bratt. It was written in a telegram that she is in Madrid and she needs help. Jake immediately went to Madrid, and he got to know that Lady Bratt left that boy Pedro Romero. The reason behind this is she doesn’t want to corrupt him, and second things that boy had some different type of demand. Romero asked her to behave like a traditional woman and grow her hair because she had short hair. That’s why she left that boy and was also out of money. That’s why she called Jake to help her. 

She both takes a taxi, and in the taxi, Lady Bratt tells him that she doesn’t want to be a bitch now. Also, she said we could have had such a good time together, and Jake replied, “Isn’t it pretty to think so.” That’s where the story ends. 

Wrapping up 

In “The Sun Also Rises” novel, Ernest Hemingway shows his idea about the ‘Lost Generation.’ Although from the surface, this book sounds like a love story, the main idea is Lost Generation. 

Lost Generation means disoriented and directionless generation. This novel recognizes the generation who has fought in world war. They had a great confusion in them; they were aimless for years after the world war. This term is particularly used for an American artist living in the 1920s in Paris. This term was founded by Gertrude Stein and famous by Ernest Hemingway. 

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