They Both Die at the End Summary – By Adam Silvera

This article will tell you the summary of They Both Die at the End Book. The story is focused on two teenage boys, Mateo and Rufus; they both get to know that they have only a day left to live. How they pass their last day is written in this book, and this is what we will tell you in this summary.

This novel was written by Adam Silvera and published in 2017. It is Silvera’s third novel, and the genre of this novel is a young adult novel

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Summary of They Both Die at the End Book:

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A Positive Thought  

Mateo receives the call from the death cast ( An organization in charge of calling people and informing them that they’re going to die sometime in the next 24 hours) a little after midnight on September 5th, 2017. At first, Mateo wants to spend the day tucked away in his bedroom, but because it’s his last day alive, he pushes himself to try and make the most of his final 24 hours. 

He joins the app called Last Friend, which pairs deckers with other individuals, either decker or non-deckers, who are looking for companionship on their end day. 

Meeting another Decker 

Through the Last Friend app, Mateo meets Rufus, another decker who got the call from the death cast while he was in the middle of beating up a boy named Peck for stealing his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name is Aimee Dubois

After the assault on Peck, Rufus is on the run from the police and cannot spend his end day with his best friends Malcolm Anthony and Tagoe Hayes. Mateo and Rufus plan to meet; Mateo insists that Rufus pick him up at his apartment. 

Beginning the Day 

At 3:30 AM, Rufus arrives at Mateo’s apartment, and they begin their day with a visit to Mateo’s father in the hospital. After they see Mateo’s best friend Lidia Vargas, they visit a make a moment virtual reality station to go skydiving. 

Finally, they visit Mateo’s mother in EverGreen cemetery; Mateo says that there is another grave being dug for Mateo alongside his mother’s grave. He kneels beside his mother’s tombstone and tells her that he will be joining her soon. 

The more time Mateo and Rufus spend together, the bolder Mateo becomes and the deeper their friendship grows. There’s an intense connection forming between them. Before leaving the cemetery, Mateo and Rufus chat about the afterlife while sitting inside Mateo’s freshly dug grave. 

Towards the End 

At 12:22 PM, there is about halfway through Mateo and Rufus’s end day. Mateo Wants to visit the world travel arena. On the way there, they stop at appear along the Hudson River, where Rufus contemplates the death of his parents and sister. 

Mateo hops on the back of Rufus’s bike, and together they ride to a nearby park. Mateo and Rufus meet up with Lidia again at the world travel arena, where the group selects the virtual reality experience to tour the world in 80 minutes. They traveled to Australia, Iraq, Colombia, Egypt, China, and Puerto Rico, Mateo’s family’s country of origin. Afterward, Rufus and Lidia head to clint’s graveyard, a club for deckers. 

Rufus posts a picture from the bar on Instagram. Peck wants revenge after Rufus assaulted him, sees the image, and heads to clint’s graveyard with a loaded gun. At 5:14 PM, Mateo and Rufus perform a karaoke version of American Pie Dom Mclean at Clint’s cemetery. 

Their performance moves everyone in the audience. When this song ends, Mateo works up the courage to kiss Rufus.

The End 

Tagoe, Malcolm, and Aimee at Clint’s Graveyard to say their final goodbye to Rufus. When Peck and his gang show up, Peck goes to shoot Rufus, but commotion ensues, and Mateo and Rufus manage to flee the club. 

Mateo and Rufus retreat to Mateo’s apartment, where they lie in bed and profess their love for one another; both wish they had met each other sooner. They fall asleep on Mateo’s bed, and Mateo wakes up from the nap before Rufus to make tea. 

When he ignites the gas burner on the stove, the apartment erupts into flames. Mateo is killed instantly, and Rufus wakes up a movement dazed in the smoke. Rufus is devastated by Mateo’s death; after Rufus says goodbye to Mateo’s corpse, the novel ends with Rufus putting on headphones so he can listen to a recording of Mateo’s voice as he crosses the street without checking for cars first. 

Wrapping up

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