Think and Grow Rich Summary by Napolean Hill

Think and Grow Rich Summary by Napolean Hill

Napoleon Hill was a generalist and a writer who fortunately got a chance to take an interview with Andrew Carnegie who was the richest man of that era. The interview was going well but then suddenly, Carnegie offered him a serious job. Carnegie said I know most will fail because they’ll be trying to figure out everything by themselves. But the reality is to be a successful person the principles are universal. Instead of learning themselves, they should learn from others. 

He said That’s why I want you to write a book in which the knowledge and wisdom of some successful people of the world. Which will help people to get success early in life. He also promised him that he’ll provide a chance to get an interview with some successful and famous people of the world but he’ll fund only the traveling cost. After saying this Carnegie asked Hill, “Do you accept this offer? After thinking for a few seconds Napoleon accepted this offer. 

Then after Napoleon researched for 20 years while taking interviews with the world’s 500 most successful and famous people. Then created an amazing book. 

Favourite Quote From Think and Grow Rich:

Summary of Think and Grow Rich

There are lots of principles in this book and here is the first point:

1. Desire

The first rule to fulfill any dream is having a burning desire not just wishing for it. For example, when people see an expensive sports car they wish to have that type of car. But on the other side a person with a strong desire, when he sees an expensive car they say to themselves I like this car very much and one day I will have it for sure. 

This kind of person also makes their desire possible because the fact is that the stronger the person’s desire for their goal will be the stronger probability to achieve it.

Here’s a good example of a strong desire 

In 1519, Hernan Cortes went through the way of water in order to conquer the foreign land. It was his desire to take over that place by winning that war, but when he reached the war place with his 500 soldiers. He came to know that his enemies were double in the numbers even more than double. Looking at that, Hernan ordered his soldiers to burn all the ships which they had brought. Why? Because he wanted to win that war at any cost, and he knew that if ships would be there, then might his soldiers would like run to save their lives. 

Hence he burned all the ships and said now only two things can happen, either we all will die here or will fight back with all-out effort and conquer this place. And the result of his wonderful speech and of his very difficult decision was, that he along with his soldiers won that battle and conquered that place. 

This is called Extreme Desire, who don’t think about their life when it comes to their dream. Now I am not saying that you should put your life in danger, but at least do your hard work and put your time and energy in order to make your dream come true.

Here the author says we can use this principle in order to earn money by following 6 step procedures. 

STEP NO.1 Fix the amount of money you want: 

Decide how much money you want to earn in your life. Not only think, that I want to earn a lot of money, but do not have exact numbers that how much I want to earn.

Till the time you do not decide a proper answer for this, till that time you will be like a ship that has moved into a sea but doesn’t know where to go and does not know about the destination. Hence it is very important to decide that how much money you want in your life which is necessary to live a happy life. 

STEP NO.2 Determine exactly what you intend to give in for the money you desire: 

Now to earn that much money, decide what things you are ready to sacrifice. For Example: Decide in order to earn that much amount. I am ready to give my maximum time for it. I am ready to work for this many hours. Ready to sacrifice my sleep etc. As it says in this world, If you want something you have to give something. 

STEP NO. 3 Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire:

Decide a fixed date, That I will earn that much amount before the date which i have decided no matter what happens but I will earn it for sure.

STEP NO. 4 Create a definite plan: 

Now make a plan, whichever way you want, and start working on it immediately. Do not wait that I will make a better plan than this or a perfect plan then will follow it. 

Do not wait, because there is nothing like a perfect plan. So better just take action immediately. 

STEP NO. 5 Write down everything:

Write answers for all these 4 points properly in a particular book and do write it for sure. Because it will give you a direct start which helps you to move ahead in your life. 

STEP NO. 6 Read it daily:

Everything which you had written, read it twice in a day and read it loudly and repeat it again and again. 


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