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Best books on investing money – Suggested by Warren Buffett

As someone said the best day of doing investment is today. It is important to invest early but rather than invest wisely is more important. In today’s generation when it comes to learning about investments, The internet is the easiest and convenient way to learn about investing money. It is important to know how money works and how good investment makes money for investors. For that, you need a deep knowledge of investing and books are the best way to gain deep knowledge about investing money.

Best books on investing money

Books allow you to borrow others’ knowledge, In a field like investing where past knowledge can be the reason for your being rich, books prove to be a blessing.

Here we have compiled a list of the best investing books.

Top 8 books on investing

 In this list, we have some books for beginners who are new in the investing world as well as we have compiled books for experts as well.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kyosaki

This book is for beginners who want to learn about financial literacy. In this book, there is a boy who has two fathers-his real father and his best friend’s father or his “rich dad”- They both taught him about money investing according to their thinking and experience. Apparently, he follows his poor father and gets rich by just understanding simple terms like assets and liabilities. This could be one of the best investing books for beginners. 

You can read the summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad here.

2. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Denial Kahneman is a psychology professor at Princeton University and he has a good understanding of finance that’s why he got the 2002 Noble prize in Economic science. 

This is the New York Times bestseller and best psychological book for investors because for investing you need to be fit mentally. In this book, Denial Kahneman explains how to identify the two parts of your brain “System1 and System2” so that you can make investment decisions without any input of “system 1” because it provides only irrational and illogical data but for investing we need clear thinking, rational, and analytical data which “system 2” provides us. 

This book explains how our impulsive decisions can affect our everyday life and financial decisions. 

3. One Up On Wall Street by Peter Linch

If you are interested to invest in the stock market then this book is for you which is written by Peter Linch. He is one of the most successful stock market investors and hedge fund managers in the 1980s. Peter started as an intern at Fidelity investment. After several years he was tasked to manage the Magellan fund, which at the time had close to $18 million in assets. Nearly after 9 years, the fund had grown to $14 billion in assets. 

 “One Up on Wall Street” has sold more than 1 million copies since its release in 2000. This shows the potential of this book. This book is all about self-directed investing. 

Peter says solid investment opportunities are everywhere, you just have to find out the most viable option before the rest of the world realizes its potential.  

4. Beating the Street by Peter Linch

This book is also written by peter Linch and this is also a good book to advise on investing in stocks. It is based on the process that how peter picks winning stocks.

This book allows the reader to peek into Lynch’s mind and thought processes in terms of deciding whether to buy or sell a stock. Peter believes that an individual investor could find market opportunities better than a wall street expert. He encourages investors to invest in what they know.

5. Common Sense on Mutual fund by John Bogle

John Bogle is the founder of Vanguard Group. The man behind the case for index funds and the case against actively-managed mutual funds. 

This book is based on the Mutual fund which is a bit safe method of investing compared to stocks. In this book, John has explained the investment strategies on mutual funds. Every mutual fund investor or person who wants to invest in mutual funds should read this book.  

6. The book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

If you are thinking about investing in real estate, this book will definitely help you. In this book, the author Brandon Turner describes the techniques that you’ll need to become a successful rental property investor. You’ll learn about Brandon’s four easy strategies, why so many real estate investors fail, ways to pay for your rentals, how to find incredible deals, and more.

You can trust Brandon Turner after all he is a successful real estate investor and co-host of one of the top business podcasts, The bigger pockets podcasts. 

7. The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America by Warren Buffett and Lawrence Cunningham

This book is a collection of letters that Warren Buffett wrote and sent to shareholders over more than 50 years, this definitely summarizes the techniques of the world’s greatest investor.

The title addresses “corporate America,” but you can take that to include shareholders and the book offers an excellent explanation of the relationship between corporates and their shareholders.

Although he rarely comments about his stock holdings, he is transparent about the principles behind his investments.

8. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham 

The first edition of this book was published in 1949 since then this book has been called the best book of investing. It is called the Bible of the stock market for a good reason even Warren Buffet who is the mentee of Benjamin Graham and the greatest investor of all time has also called this book “the best book on investing ever written.” 

This book tells the fundamentals of the stock markets and is explained brilliantly. It takes a different approach from other investing books and it won’t tell you how to make millions, but rather how not to lose your shirt.

Wapping Up

These are the best investing books of all time, every investor and even entrepreneur should read these books. This list is starting with beginner’s books and ends with the book that investing experts read.  

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