Brief Summary of Animal Farm – Book By George Orwell

Brief Summary of Animal Farm - Book By George Orwell

Animal Farm is a novel which is written by George Orwell and was published in 1945. In this article, we will see the summary of Animal Farm; from the name, we can get the idea that it is based on animals.

In this summary of Animal Farm, all the animals collectively make a firm and, like the humans, want to leave with peace. They rebel against the farmer for making a peaceful environment for animals where they can live without the interference of humans.

The Pigs led this rebellion because, according to animals, they were the most intelligent. And their principle of society is “all animals are equal”. Animal Farm Book tells us the story of animals choosing their leaders for peaceful life like humans.

After some time, the Pig started taking the powers of the animals’ lives to make their life good. But after getting control, the Pigs got corrupted and started misusing their powers. They started violence to maintain their power.

The author made this novel based on the Russian Revolution of 1917, where all power goes into the hands of a small group of people. The other animals are working hard to maintain society’s wellness. Still, the powerful people( pigs) are just enjoying the power and not doing anything for society.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Summary of Animal Farm Book By George Orwell

This summary of Animal Farm is divided into chapters, the same as the book – so don’t get confused, and let’s start the summary. 

Animal Farm Chapter 1

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 1

In the animal farm summary chapter 1,  the animals are doing a meeting which is led by an old Pig. This meeting was held after the sleeping of the owner whose name is Mr. Jones. All animals are collected in the big barn.

An old pig gives a political speech in which he mentions the rights of animals and some of the things in speech, like, Humans are just using the animals for their benefit and harming them after the use. The old Pig tells about his strange dream that the earth is without humans.

Then, after all this motivational speech, the animals started singing the song – “Beasts of England”, which they repeatedly sang after the loud voice. Jones woke up and shot a gun he thought was a fox in the yard. After the gunshot, all the animals ran and went to sleep.

In chapter 1, the author starts the story where a pig tells about his dream of raising his voice against humans. They can’t just use and harm us. All the animals also agree with the pigs because they want to live peacefully.

Animal Farm Chapter 2

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 2

In the animal farm summary chapter 2, after the death of the old Pig who gave the speech, the animals again plan for the rebellion, but they want someone to lead it. The pigs are intelligent among the animals, so everyone decides that the pigs lead them.

The pigs started educating the animals about Animalism. The two pigs played a significant role. Their names are Snowball and Napoleon. After all the planning, the rebellion occurs when the owner sleeps. Jones sleeps after drinking alcohol and without feeding the animals. The animals are angry; they break the store shed and run away for food.

When Jones and his men come, they try to catch the animals, but the animals attack them and run away. Animals were enjoying their new freedom. They decide to leave the Jones farm before leaving. They painted it, wrote the animalism slogan, and changed the name “Manor Farm” to “Animal Farm”.

In chapter 2the author tells about the start of their freedom journey and how they escaped from the Jones farm; the author introduces Snowball and Napoleon, who played a major role in this rebellion. The animals enjoying their freedom painted the walls of the manor farm and changed their name to Animal Farm.

Animal Farm Chapter 3

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 3

 In the animal farm summary chapter 3, when the animals get free from the humans, they decide to do farming for survival. Hence, the Pig becomes the supervisor and director of every department.

The animals do the same farming that Jones and his men do, and they do it in less time. Boxer declared himself a stronger worker than others. The pigs were on the superior post, planning for the other departments.

Snowball is planning to bring the degree for animals. They want animals to be literate according to their intelligence. Snowball also makes a slogan for the animals “Four legs good, two legs bad”. Napoleon was focussing on motivating everyone to education.

Pigs tell everyone that cow milk and apples are essential because they are mixed every day in Pig’s mash and are doing work for the benefit of all animals.

In this chapter, the pigs are working for the bright future of animals. They all are in a higher position. Like they are the supervisors, they are the directors, and they are making rules for education. And the Pig’s survival is most important because they are working for the greatness of animals.

Animal Farm Chapter 4

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 4

In the animal farm summary chapter 4, after seeing one farm, the news of the rebellion spread to other farms by pigeons. The farm owner spends most of the time in pubs and constantly complains about his troubles with Pilkington and Fredrick.

During October, Jones and his friends try to take control of the animal farm, but they fail. Snowball handles the situation with the help of the other animals. Then the animals celebrate their victory with the name “The Battle of Cowshed”.

In this animal farm summary chapter 4, the other farms also get motivation for their freedom. They also rebelled, and all the farmers were tense. Then Jones and his men try to capture the farm again, but they fail.

Animal Farm Chapter 5

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 5

In the animal farm summary chapter 5, in this chapter, the author talks about Mollie disappearing, and the pigeon is reporting for that. Pigs are getting stronger on the farm, making policies and asking for majority votes.

Napoleon and Snowball are doing the same, debating topics like windmill building. Snowball is in favour, but Napoleon says it will take too much time and cost. We have to produce more food instead of that. They debated making the armoury or sending the pigeons to another farm to tell about the rebellion.

On Sunday, Napoleon calls nine dogs for Snowball. They chased Snowball, and he ran out of the farm. Now Napoleon has all the control on the farm; he tells everyone that the windmill is his idea. Snowball steals that idea.

In this chapter, the pigs are jealous of each other, and both want power in their hands. They were debating on each of the topics they never agreed on the same point. It does not matter if the point is right or wrong; they fight each other. In the end, Napoleon’s plan makes Snowball out of the farm.

Animal Farm Chapter 6

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 6

In the animal farm summary chapter 6, after the following year passes, Napoleon announces that Animal Farm will trade with all the other farms, and they hire Mr. Whymper to work as an agent.

Humans hope that the windmill should collapse and Animal farms will go bankrupt. Jones gives up and goes to other parts of the country. The pigs moved into the farmhouse and started sleeping on the bed. Suddenly, the storm comes in November, and half of the windmill collapses.

Napoleon blames Snowball for this collapse and announces if anyone kills Snowball or brings him alive will get a reward. They started rebuilding the windmill.

At this point of time, the animals lived a good life. Animals worked hard, and pigs enjoyed themselves after the Jones shifted to other parts of the country. Pigs sleep on the bed, but half of the windmill collapses in the storm, and Napoleon blames Snowball.

Animal Farm Chapter 7

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 7

In the animal farm summary chapter 7, the pigs continue to increase their powers. Snowball is considered a scapegoat by the pigs. Napoleon has taken complete control of the farm. Animals are working hard to rebuild the windmill.

Napoleon orders them to even work harder, and dogs enforce his commands. The animals are working so hard for a little bit of food. Squealer tells everyone that Snowball is a spy and a friend of humans, and the windmill is also destroyed by him. Despite hard work, they are not getting a better life.

They started realizing that they were not working for themselves; they were working for their personal growth.

Chapter 7 shows that Napoleon has all the control. If anyone speaks against him, he is crushed by Napoleon’s dogs. Everyone is working hard but still not getting a better life. Napoleon is behaving like a dictator. And animals started realizing that Napoleon was not working for them.

Animal Farm Chapter 8

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 8

In the animal farm summary chapter 8, the animals continue to work hard for their survival and the rule of Napoleon and the pigs. The pigs are increasingly becoming corrupted and enjoying a luxurious life.

They also started drinking alcohol by forbidding the commandments of Animalism. The Pigs are still punishing the disloyal person. Boxer, a loyal and hardworking horse, is getting old, but still, he is forced by the pigs to work harder.

They say working harder is essential for surviving when the windmill is completed. Still, the condition of the animals is the same. Squealer continues to justify the Pig’s action and convince them they are doing it only for the benefit of the animals.

In chapter 8, the pigs continue ruling, and the loyal ones to Animalism suffer because of the corrupted pigs. They are just ordering and working for their benefit, not for the benefit of all animals. Despite this, the animals think that things will get better one day. Squealer continues his propaganda to justify the Pig’s action and tell all animals that everything pigs do is great for our society.

Animal Farm Chapter 9

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 9

In the animal farm summary chapter 9, the pigs are still in power. They began the trade with humans by forbidding the principles of Animalism. The animals are getting more and more corrupted and living in luxury.

The animals see all the things, but they are afraid to speak. But they are holding a secret meeting to throw out Napoleon. Napoleon is using his secret police of dogs to maintain order and law. He also started to write false history, where he showed himself a tremendous and great leader.

The animals feel the same as when they were working under the humans. Just as things change, the Pigs replace the Humans, and they want to be free from oppression.

 The pigs continue to be cruel to the animals; now, the animals also start to do secret meetings for freedom from Napoleon. Napoleon is dealing with humans and breaking the law of Animalism. The pigs are getting more corrupted and living a luxurious life. The animals dream of a better life and consider when they will get free from the Pigs.

Animal Farm Chapter 10

Animal Farm Summary Chapter 10

In the animal farm summary chapter 10, the farm is fully controlled by pigs. The situation is getting worse day by day, and pigs have forgotten all the principles of Animalism. They are only working for their benefit but also dealing with humans for their benefit.

Many of the animals have been killed by Napoleon; whoever raised their voice against him just killed them. The remaining animals are those who are loyal to the pigs or who are not brave to raise their voice against them. Squealer works continuously for the pigs and convinces others everything is fine.

Napoleon is working for Animalism only. But many animals can see clearly what Napoleon is doing with them. All animals continue their life with less food and hard work.

In the last chapter, the animals continue to work hard for food; the animals think their condition is the same as before the rebellion, and the humans are doing the same as Napoleon. Napoleon is acting like he is working for us, but he is not.

The novel ends with the famous line, “The creatures outside looked from Pig to man and from man to Pig and from Pig to man again, but it was impossible to say which was which ”.

Wrapping Up

That’s it with the summary of Animal Farm; I hope you understand it and like it; if you do so, then don’t forget to share it with your reader friends and like it. Also, comment below to keep us motivated. 

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